The Flying Start


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The Flying Start


Well begun if half done!
Bram Moelker

Well begun is half done!

A good beginning is of vital importance to everything that follows. Without starting blocks, a sprinter competing at the Olympic Games cannot set a record time, let alone win. If an aircraft does not accelerate down the runway at full speed, it cannot take off and will never reach its destination.
For the same reason, God has a flying start for all His children that will immediately lift them into a life of power and victory. This book explains in clear language how you can receive this flying start from God.

English | paperback | maart 2010 | 1e druk | 72 pagina’s

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Bram Moelker is founder and senior pastor of Grace Ministries in Alkmaar, the Netherlands. Important aspects of their ministry are leading Christians into a life of victory and making them disciples of Jesus Christ – rooted in the Word of God, full of the Spirit and with hearts lost to Jesus and His plan for this world. 



Taal: Engels
Bindwijze: paperback
Verschijningsdatum: 18 maart 2010
Druk: 1
Afmetingen (cm): 21,0 x 14,5 x 0,5
Aantal pagina’s: 72

Auteur: Bram Moelker
Uitgeverij: Arrowz

ISBN: 9789490489021

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Reeks: nvt
Overig: nvt


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