A Creative Journey from Head to Heart  
Carolyn Ros, Marcel Flier

God’s promises to land in your heart
The Bible is a storehouse full of promises about who God is for us. He says, “I am powerful. Just trust Me!” God desires to have an intimate relationship with us. With each promise that He makes, He seeks to draw us closer to Himself. Dare we trust Him, even in our struggles?
Promised shares 21 key promises from the Bible. Each of these promises is accompanied by a creative assignment to help it land in our hearts. We’ll color, write, and learn how to do Bible journaling and hand lettering. We’ll contemplate God’s promises, sing, and pray about them. We will learn to stand on God’s promises, and live with a song in our hearts.
Suitable for both individual and group use. 

Engels | paperback | juni 2019 | 1e druk | 48 pagina’s


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Carolyn Ros has worked as a teacher, tutor, and coach for Youth with a Mission in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She and her husband have four adult children and nine grandchildren. In her turbulent life, Carolyn has experienced that God does what He has promised.


Taal: Engels
Bindwijze: paperback
Verschijningsdatum: 17 juni 2019
Druk: 1
Afmetingen (cm): 27,9 x 21,6 x 0,5
Aantal pagina’s: 48
Met illustraties

Auteur: Carolyn Ros
Illustrator: Marcel Flier
Uitgeverij: Arrowz

ISBN: 9781951014001

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Reeks: nvt
Overig: nvt


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