Impact (USA edition)


Impact (USA edition)


Prophesy and Change the World
Arleen Westerhof

Prophecy is Meant for More
Prophecy transforms people’s lives, but it is meant for more. God is ready to transform every segment of society, and He reveals strategies to accomplish it.
Arleen Westerhof shows us how to work with prophetic revelation. She describes how to give prophetic words, test prophecies, and how apostles and prophets can work together to accomplish breakthrough. She shows that character development, inner healing and deliverance are essential for anyone building a prophetic ministry.
This practical book proves that prophecy can have an amazing impact on every aspect of the world around us!

Engels | paperback | juli 2019 | 1e druk | 192 pagina’s


Arleen Westerhof (Ph.D.) is the founder and director of the Netherlands Prophetic Council. She initiated the Living in Your Destiny Schools of the Prophets and founded Women on the Frontlines in the Netherlands. Arleen regularly speaks at conferences all over the world. Together with her husband Dick, she leads God’s Embassy Amsterdam, a church and apostolic center. Her passion is using prophecy to equip people to bring transformation to the different areas of society.


Arleen Westerhof has written a book filled with fresh insight that will open the doors to revelation for business leaders and all other Christians. Impact is simply brilliant!
– Dr. Cindy Jacobs
Generals International

For years the gifts of the Holy Spirit have been poured out upon the Body of Christ, enabling us to do the works of Jesus Christ. But too often our containers are too small, our wineskins are old, and our mindsets are limited. Now, along come a new generation of forerunners, preparing the way for clear revelation with fresh applications. That is exactly what you will find in this book. Thank you Arleen for providing a contemporary example of how we can work revelation into a transformational model. Well done!
– Dr. James W. Goll
Founder of God Encounters Ministries and GOLL Ideation LLC, international author, recording artist, and communications trainer

The prophets of our time are courageous, strong and intentional in their faithful proclamation of the word of the Lord. They do this in the midst of the chaos and confusion in our governments and societies. As they listen to the Father’s voice and obey His instructions, they are changing the direction of nations and seeing God’s Kingdom manifested in new ways. Arleen Westerhof is such a prophet. She not only clearly hears the Father’s voice, but boldly acts on His commands. And she does this with a Spirit-filled grace that brings life.
I encourage you to read this book with an expectant heart. Ask God to give you a vision that will require a supernatural move of the Spirit to achieve it, then watch God work together with you to accomplish great things. I believe that this is our Kingdom watershed moment in history. The army of God in the marketplace and the church has the ability to see God’s Kingdom come to earth.
– Dr. Graham Power
Founder of Global Day of Prayer and Unashamedly Ethical
Executive Chair of Power Group of Companies

One of the fascinating developments of our times is the increasing focus on prophecy and the creation of prophetic cultures. In Impact Arleen Westerhof describes her personal journey in this area. As you read, you will soon be gripped by the testimonies of God speaking.
But it goes further than the local church! If Christ is King over every area of life and society, then He also speaks about all of these areas. It is remarkable how God’s Spirit is calling modern-day Daniels who are positioned in the middle of both the church and society. They speak out revelation from God’s throne, often with surprising results. A fascinating book that will strengthen your faith! Highly recommended.
Machiel Jonker
Chairman, Assemblies of God, the Netherlands

Arleen Westerhof has always been a great communicator, but Impact is more than communicating a message – it’s about a new move of God on the earth. As Arleen says, it’s not just enough to think big anymore – we have to think differently. This book is full of practical insights into this new move of God and the role of prophecy in it. Nothing short of destiny mobilization for influencing your world is found within the pages of this book. You will want to share it with others and you will refer to it often.
– Dr. Sharon Stone
Presiding Apostle, Christian International Europe

“Compelling” is the word that best describes Impact. When you start reading this book you won’t want to put it down. It is compelling because of its honesty, humility, integrity, and truth. Arleen Westerhof has spent many years helping others understand and walk in the revelation that comes from the voice of God. You will find personal stories of twenty-first-century global leaders who have been positioned by God because of their practical application of prophetic revelation. **Impact** will demystify something that Jesus tells us is one of our rights of citizenship in the Kingdom: “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me …” There are hidden treasures waiting for you as you read this book!
– Paul L. Cuny
President MarketPlace Leadership International
Author of Secrets of the Kingdom Economy and Nehemiah People

I highly recommend Impact. Arleen Westerhof writes about prophecy in a way that is accessible for everyone, but that also shows that it is a serious matter that you must deal with responsibly. God’s people are supposed to be prophetic, and through prophecy our generation has the chance to reveal God’s heart in both the church and in society. Prophecy helps us to make the earth look a little bit more like heaven. As you learn to understand His voice and obey Him, God’s Kingdom breaks through in your own life and in the world around you. A new perspective!
Gerlo Sogtoen
Chairman and Board Member of Pastoral Core Group, Catholic Charismatic Renewal Netherlands

Dr. Arleen Westerhof has written an important book for our times. Over the years, I have watched Arleen build movements, change personal destinies, and influence world leaders by working with the revelation God has given her. This book will equip you to impact your world in ways you never dreamed possible. Thoroughly biblical, it gives foundations to change the world you live in.
– Stacey Campbell
Founder Canadian Prophetic Council

Impact empowers prophets and prophetic believers to present God’s answers and solutions in these times of great change and social upheaval. These answers are not for the Church alone. Thinking from a Kingdom perspective, Arleen connects God’s words with the future of the economy, government, media, culture, and even whole cities and nations.
Read this book and gain a better understanding of the crucial role of prophecy and prophets in the body of Christ and the world we live in. Let a deep desire grow within you for true reformation and change, brought about by the miraculous guidance of the Holy Spirit. And most of all, take to heart the call to action: “earnestly desire the spiritual gifts, especially that you may prophesy” (1 Cor. 14:1).
– Hans Maat
Director, Evangelisch Werkverband binnen de Protestantse Kerk in Nederland

Arleen Westerhof is a prophetic pioneer whose keen sense of the times and seasons and ability to communicate the heart of God have allowed her to impact thousands. Arleen is a dear friend and trusted prophetic voice in my life and ministry. Her accuracy in the prophetic comes from a place of deep intimacy with the Holy Spirit.
I believe that Impact will challenge and change your life, business, family and ministry. This is a very significant book for the church in our time.
– David Wagner
Father’s Heart Ministries

This book is very timely and important!
The time has come for us to call forth the prophets. Read this book and understand the difference between hearing God’s voice and acting in the gift of prophecy. Whether you are a prophet or a prophetic Christian, allow God to lead you into a fuller understanding of His calling for you in this hour.
Let us read, discuss and seek the Lord together across the fivefold ministry. In today’s battlefield, the marketplace, we can humbly serve God together, grateful for all his gifts.
– Jan Sturesson
International strategy consultant
Chairman of the International Board, International Christian Chamber of Commerce

Arleen Westerhof came from a traditional Christian background before discovering the power of the Holy Spirit. His presence, the supernatural and the prophetic are now part of her daily life. Her scientific background helps her to give a clear and sound representation of the work and the Person of the Holy Spirit and of prophecy in particular.
Impact is an absolute must for everyone who wants more from God and who wonders about the importance of prophecy. A few of the topics covered in this book are: the apostolic/prophetic foundations, protocol and prophecy in the local church and in the place where God has placed you, and the importance of character in ministry.
A fascinating and important book and an asset to our country.
– Hans Tims
National Leader of Friends for Ministries in Fellowship, the Netherlands


Taal: Engels
Bindwijze: paperback
Verschijningsdatum: 14 juli 2019 (o.v.)
Druk: 1
Afmetingen (cm): 19,6 x 13,8 x 1,1
Aantal pagina’s: 192

Auteur: Arleen Westerhof
Uitgeverij: Arrowz USA

ISBN: 9781951014018

Overige kenmerken
Reeks: nvt
Overig: Ook verschenen in Nederlandse editie


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