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Raptureless: An Optimistic Guide to the End of the World


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Paperback: 200  pagina’s

Uitgever: Welton Academy

Taal: Engels

ISBN: 9780615632650

Afmetingen: 23,0 x 15,2 x 1,0 cm

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Product Description

Jonathan Welton (author)

The End Times have become the King of the Sacred Cows for the Modern Church. Jonathan fearlessly treads where most leader dare not and asks questions that many thirst to ask, but can’t articulate. Questions such as, what does the Bible really say about:

  • A secret rapture of the Church?
  • A Future One-World Leader?
  • A Future Seven-Year Tribulation?
  • Are we living in the Last Days?

Welton’s answers to these questions are thoroughly argued and scripturally based. Prepare to be streched and see the Bible through brand new eyes!

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Afmetingen 23.0 x 15.2 x 1.0 cm