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Immanuel Hazeleger

Homeless, jobless, broke and without any sponsors I took a leap of faith. I risked it all to capture the impossible. One camera, a lot of guts and a wife of faith was all that was needed to begin rolling.

From a young age I was very interested in the God of the bible. I used the money I had to buy plane tickets and fly to places in Africa, America and Europe – just because I heard of rumours about God interacting with men. I fasted, read the bible and prayed for hours hoping to see a glimpse of God. I knew He was real. I knew He was findable.

In 2010 myself and my wife Irene lived as missionaries in Africa. We had left everything behind for a longing to help the orphans, widows and the poor. It was on the mission field when I developed a extraordinary desire to make a film about God and the people who live for Him. So we left the mission field in Africa with a strong urge to start this project.

Back in The Netherlands I started working as a freelance technical drawer and because we kept our expenses as low as possible we were able to invest about 75% of our income in this new film project. In May 2011 I started filming. Everything I did was new to me, I had to learn everything by simply doing it. It felt like one big roller coaster that brought me to places I could never even dream about. It changed the way I think, believe and live my life.

Often in my quest as a filmmaker it felt like a greater director was pulling the strings. One time we were travelling from San Francisco to Los Angeles and we had no place to stay. So I called a friend in LA if she knew someone. Ten minutes later she called back: “You’ll never guess what happened, I called a friend for you to stay with. She was shocked because the day before someone told  her: the Netherlands are coming to you.”

You can label me a charismatic, Pentecostal or evangelical – but I am just a bible believing Dutchman who believes in a God who is very personal and absolutely loves the human race. I’m extremely excited about SONS of GOD. A film that gives hope and it might make God a bit more accessible.